Hacı Mustafa Koçer began his business as a private company in 1936; its name was changed in 1970 as H. Mustafa Koçer ve Oğulları (H. Mustafa Koçer and Sons) Unlimited Liability Company, and it reached today by taking the name Koçerler A.Ş. in 1982.


The foundations of success story of Koçerler; which has an important place in economy of Turkey thanks to its degrees in tax listings, its certificates of honor received on its investments with foreign capital, its recognition and reliability in local market and its competitive power, was laid in the beginning of 1932 in Gaziantep by Hacı Mustafa Koçer, who is known by his honesty, helpfulness and courage.


In 1932, Hacı Mustafa Koçer began his business life by distributing jalopy and by selling old spare parts. After a few years, in the period when retail dealership system was recently started, he began selling vehicles as well as spare parts by acquiring the Southeastern Anatolian Dealership of Austin, one of the first foreign capitals came to Turkey.


In 1940’s, besides vehicle sales, one of the first settled gas stations was established by starting an investment with BP Petrolleri A.Ş. which was another foreign capital company.


In 1950’s, while records were being broken in Turkey on truck sales, number of gas stations were increased to 3. It became the largest automotive agency in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.


In 1960’s, besides Regional Dealership of Austin, it became one of the two importers of German Henschell Trucks in Turkey, and number of stations were increased to 5.


In 1970’s, while the business of truck sales and spare parts was losing its attraction, company has moved to other investment fields. In 1972, Akkoza Mensucat, which was the one of two textile factories in Gaziantep in that period was established as a partnership on a land of 44 decares; in 1973, Pirelli Tire Dealership was acquired; in 1974, business of filling and distribution of industrial and medical gases was begun; and in 1975, wholesale mineral oil dealership was acquired in Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia Regions.


In 1980’s, while the company stopped commercial vehicle and spare part sales due to shrinkage in automotive sector, the number of stations was reduced from 5 to 3 in petrol sector. But Gapaş A.Ş., which is a subsidiary, was established and 2 new stations were built, and besides this, Green A.Ş. showing activity under textile sector and garment field was established under Gapaş. Another subsidiary, Akkoza, has initiated Betaş Yarn facility in Adıyaman.


In 1990’s, while the company was adopting a downsizing policy due to cyclical fluctuations in Turkey, partnership with Akkoza and Gapaş A.Ş. was ended due to various reasons, and within the company, a reorganization was carried out, and mineral oil distribution and marketing became the main subject of the company by placing importance on white and black fuels.


In 2000’s, we continued our activities in fuel sector with 2 gas stations as well as taşıtmatik regional distributorship, and regarding mineral oils, our partnership with Castrol, which has growth potential due to shrinkage in automotive sector, continued its special lubrication products by expanding the limits of the region to Adana, and we again have returned to production sector with partnership of Motif A.Ş. of which subject of production is carpet. At the same time, our activity in industrial gases is continuing and growing.


In 2010’s, our existing presence in fuel sector was protected, and among with it, with an innovative understanding, our maintenance services under the name Speedy franchising were added to our activities; and we continue to grow in our activities in industrial field by adding industrial filter sales and marketing as well as chemicals marketing activities to our activities in industrial sector with Castrol special lubrication.


Koçerler feels proud of receiving tens of 1st place awards and nearly 50 degrees in income and corporate tax listings, advancing with its innovations and principles, breaking the sales records in those years in Turkey in subjects of regional dealership, distributorship and business partnership in a period of more than 80 years.


By receiving power from its past, with its 200 workers, Koçerler keeps going with hope, with the experience of 2nd generation and the synergy of 3rd generation, in a way open to innovation, within the frame of trueness and honesty, and in line with vision and principles of founder of the company, Hacı Mustafa Koçer…



Koçerler Board of Management

Copright 2013 KOCERLER A. S.